October 2010

Oh no!  Broken!

Lydia:  Fok Fok Fok
Sonia:  I don't understand what you're saying.  Say it again.
Lydia: Fok Fok Fok
Sonia wonders when she dropped the f-bomb: I don't understand.
Lydia:  RIBBIT!

December 2010
Lydia:  Hi Tree!  Wha-doin'?
Sonia:  Hello.  What's your name?
Lydia points to herself:  Ee-i-a!
Sonia:  My name's Tree.  What color are you?
Lydia:  ye-yow
Sonia:  I'm a tree.  I'm green.
Sonia and Gary:  HAHAHAHAHA

O'er Der (over there)
Wha's dis?  Wha's dat?
Ge Down!  (get down)

February 2011:  Lydia instigates a food sit down.
One morning after speech therapy.  Lydia's hungry.
Lydia: EAT! EAT!
The other kids:  EAT! EAT!
The washer sounds. 
Lydia: SIT DOWN!
The other kids sit down too.
Lydia, Ms. Ringleader, banging on the table: YUMMY! YUMMY!
The other kids start banging on the table too:  YUMMY!  YUMMY!

Mixing Words
Lydia was watching me sweep the kitchen floor. 
Lydia:  Wha' doin'?
Me:  Sweeping the floor.  Do you want to sweep?
Lydia: Yes!
I hand her the broom.  She starts 'sweeping'.
Me:  Are you sweeping?
Lydia stops sweeping, bends her head to the side, closes her eyes: zzzzzzz