In the hospital (original due date 1/24/2009)
More alert and awake

2/1/2009 (1 week adjusted)
Too big for preemie clothes!
First night in the crib
2/24/2009 (4 weeks adjusted)
Able to lift head and control movements

First started to follow mobile

Mid-April (2 1/2 months adjusted)
Consistently sleeping through the night without need for feed
First found her hands and started noticing her feet
6-7 feeds a day, 4 naps a day

5/3 /2009
First sucked thumb

Smiling more and more

5/19/2009 (almost 4 months adjusted)
Dropped dream feed 11pm

June 2009
Rolling back to front and blowing bubbles

Mid June 2009 (almost 5 months adjusted)
Trying to sit up
3-4 naps a day

Mid July 2009
Tried avocado

7/22/2009 (6 months adjusted)
Started rolling front to back
Sitting up
Putting objects in mouth
Started to be more vocal
Too big for 0-3 month clothes

First picnic

Dropped to 2 naps a day

Found her feet
Trying more fruits and veggies

Rocking back and forth on knees

8/29/2009 (7 months adjusted)
Took some crawling motions with knees

Starting to move hands to crawl
Started to babble


Starting to pull up! Making many sounds - dada, mama, geeee

First tooth coming through

Dropped morning bottle and went to straw sippy cup. A week later, no more bottle!
Imitating hand movements
lalala sounds

Standing without support and cruising

Taking 2-3 steps unassisted
Waves hand to say bye
Pushes buttons on toys and electronics

Started walking across the room!

No more formula mixed in with her morning oatmeal!
Started making 'Hi' noise

Prefers to walk instead of crawl
No more synagis!

End of April
First hospitalization since leaving the hospital.  She had an abscessed lymph node due to strep that had to be drained

May 8, 2010
First started to point at things!
Started climbing into little chairs to sit down
Started saying Daddy/Datty for Daddy and doggie (we think)
Speech therapy evaluation

May 31, 2010
So many changes the past few weeks.  She now understands:
Close the door, turn the light on/off (in chinese), sit down, stand up, go get your shoes, let's get changed, close the door.  Will look at or point at Toffee, Chili, Daddy, Dora, hair, head, nose, ears, mouth, belly, foot.  Will tap your hand if you say, "Give me 5".  Still figuring out hand and teeth.  Will make hand motions for itsy bitsy spider.  Also will sign more, please, eat... but doesn't seem to know how to use these yet.  She also says dandee for thank you (if she wants something or knows we want her to give us something, or if we give her something).

Jan, 3, 2011
She gave me a proper kiss on Christmas day!  She had been blowing kisses and going, 'mmmmm maaaaa' for kisses before that.  She's also playing with her toys a lot more - pretending to feed them, pretending they're riding on the rocking horse.  She's also starting to string a lot of words together.  Milk, please.  Stop running!  AND she is almost jumping.  She's still got some toes of one foot on the ground, but she definitely jumped for the first  time tonight :)