Friday, December 12, 2008

One happy family

What's with this monkey face?!

Gary and Lydia enjoying some tummy time.

After waiting all day, Lydia was finally discharged from the hospital last night at 5pm. The hospital's parting gift to us was rush hour traffic! It gave us a chance to look around as it had been raining and there was a rainbow in the sky especially for Lydia :)

Lydia at home in her bassinette.
We have started the endless cycle of change nappy, feed, burp, sleep. It's quite boring to be honest, but there are those few times of day when Lydia is awake and alert and we get to talk and play. Of course, there's also those moments where she says, 'What on earth, leave me alone, trying to sleep here, HELLO...' I also never thought I would be so excited to see a pooey nappy, but after waiting 4 days for her to have a bowel movement, it was quite a momentous occasion!
It's only been a day, but Gary and I are already confused as to why we're not heading to the hospital tonight! Also, it's weekend. We are staying in for our first weekend at home as a new family... What, no hospital visits?! How strange. Well, there are no hospital visits but I have already been to see a paediatrician this morning and go back next week to make sure she is still growing. She is now 4lbs 7oz! She will probably be 5lbs by Xmas! The next few weeks entail even more doctor's visits to make sure she's on track.
So funny thing. Remember how I was worried about making enough milk? The hospital was freezing what they didn't use for Lydia. When she was discharged, they gave us 3 big bags of the stuff to bring home!! There it all is on the counter - now on a shelf in our freezer :)


Annie said...

Can I say .... 'Moo' :P

charlotte said...

LOVE the tummy time!!!!!
and being able to hear her coo
thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I had to buy a deep freezer with milk took over two count them two top freezer in refrigerators..I started seeking out friends who would store my milk but most couldn't get past the "my MILK factor" so when I found a deep freezer at good price I bought it..From another mom who had bought it for her milk...ha!ha!ha! just start starts to take over...shannon