Saturday, December 6, 2008

Take a deep breath...

Here's pics of Lydia yesterday and the day before in some stylish outfits ;)

Gary holding the little bee after feeding her last night.
Well, Lydia has made some strides today. We walked into the hospital today and Gary did his usual thing. He has a checklist of things that he looks at to see how she's doing. He checks the monitors, her oxygen level, any fluids or IVs she's hooked up to. I can't really keep up with all that stuff so I just go over to look at her little squidgy face to say hello. Looked at her and thought, 'huh, what's going on here.... WOW she has no nasal canula!! How's she breathing?!' They took her off the nasal canula this morning and she is breathing on her own! We are excited but tentative at the same time. Last time she got taken off the CPAP and put on the nasal canula, she had a setback. So we're happy today and we wait to see what tomorrow brings. Today was the first day that she had taken all her feeds by bottle so far. Even last night we were able to give her only half an oz (she is on about an oz every 3 hours). She's still maintaining her temperature really well and she weighed 4lbs 1 oz last night! She finally made it over 4 lbs :)
WOW I just can't believe that she's only hooked up to the monitor now! She still has a feeding tube just in case she doesn't take full feeds, but we have our fingers crossed.
Poor Toffee. She is the ultimate escape artist. She escaped from her kennel - we have no idea how as the door looks like it's still locked to us! Well, she ended up hurting one of her nails and they had to wrap her entire leg up! It looks worse than it is. What a silly dog.


Mandi said...

Hey Sonia and Gary. She is adorable. Looks just like you Sonia...can't wait to meet her. I miss you tons and am here always...
love you,

(Make sure you are taking it easy and not running yourself crazy at we did those crazy overnighters!)

shannon said...

hey guys
she looks amazing for being so tiny..she is beautiful!!! take care of yourselfs...can't wait to see you guys!!
lots of love

Cory said...

WOW! She looks like she is getting so big. Toffee must of been getting jealous that Lydia was getting all of the attention...and so it begins with siblings :) hehehe