Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another weekend!

Well, another weekend is almost over. Gary and I did the usual - we caught up on sleep, went grocery shopping, cooked, played with Lydia and had some nice family time. We can't believe that Lydia's been home for a month and a half already! It seems like she's always been around :) The picture above is with a cute little red hat that Thelma made for her. It has been keeping her warm, what with our temperatures dipping below zero over here. Her head is still a bit small for the other hats that she has, but it won't be long til she starts fitting in them too!
Here's Mummy and baby posing for the camera. Well, I am and Lydia is saying, 'I'm tired so do what you want because I don't really care right now!'

We were taking Lydia out in the car. She is all snuggled up now as Aunt Krystle bought her a cool snuggly head and body comfort thingy for the carseat. As you can tell, she is loving it and sending everyone a kiss!

Here is the perfect bib for Daddy and baby. Kathy got this bib for Lydia. I think it is missing the, 'And he's wrapped around my little finger' from the end though!
And last but not least, Angel kitted Lydia out in this cute onesie ;) Lydia is quite the fashionista these days ;)
So you'd think we just have all this time to dress little Lydia up. It's been great because she's still small enough to wear all the clothes. The real reason she gets changed so much though is because she is a pukemeister. I visit my friends Washer and Dryer on a daily basis. They're just so happy that I am spending so much more time with them!


Cathy said...

The picture of you and Lydia is so beautiful. You look sooooo good!! Give her hugs.

April said...

What adorable pictures! I love the close up of her in the car!