Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Power of the Pack

Well, it was a very busy weekend. Lydia had her first picnic, as well as her first trip to the shops! She did very well and was very well-behaved. Gary and I couldn't remember the last time we went shopping, but it was nice to do it as a family. We walked up and down the shops and pushed the pram like a little family haha. Gary thought navigating the pram around the clothes racks was the most entertaining! We enjoyed it though. Seems like a small thing to be excited about, but we've been in RSV lockdown mode all winter! So it's been nice to get out and about a bit :)

Lydia's found her hands lately and has taken to sucking on them!! Oh no, do we have a thumb-sucker in our midsts?! Thought you would get a kick out of this picture. Lydia was fussy as heebeegeebees and Gary finally laid her down on his leg and she calmed right down. Toffee promptly jumped in his lap and wanted some attention. Look at Lydia giggling away! Lots of hotliners got to see Little Lydia today. Although she's not so little anymore! She paid attention to everyone when they were talking and was pretty mellow about the whole thing :) Thanks to Kelly, I got a pic of me and Lydia together!

We were getting ready to go and Gary was telling Lydia how proud he was of her. Lydia had a good picnic too!


de said...

Awwww. Sounds like a fun weekend! The pic of the dogs, Lydia and Gary are priceless! You can tell she was happy! So was Toffee. Chili on the other hand, looked bit perturbed. My Buddy does the same thing when Dixie tries to hog all the attention!

life in a positive direction said...

awww-I hate that I missed her!!! I just changed my settings on my blog, so can I have your e-mail address to make sure you can still read it? Love ya!!!