Sunday, May 3, 2009

Caught Red-Handed

Well I hope everyone had a good weekend. We spent the weekend relaxing from a busy and stressful week. Gary was working hard at work and I was dealing with swine flu panic at work. Didn't do much other than catch up on loads of laundry. Gary finally started painting the garage too. It's got red diamonds right now and he's got to tape it all up again to do the blue. We were thinking about going to the hockey game, but ended up staying at home and saving our money instead.
This is a very cute outfit. Annie and I found lots of these summer type outfits whilst she was in town. She is finally big enough to fit in them now. She did have the cutest little orange checked dress thing on, but Lydia did a morning poo and...well...let's just say there was a mini explosion down there! Needless to say she wasn't in that outfit for very long. So here she is in a cute flower power type dungaree looking thing.

S0 when I took the photo of Lydia with her fingers in her mouth, I was actually joking about her sucking on her thumb. WELL I should've known that I would jinx myself as she has found her thumb the past few days!! At first she didn't like it at all. Now she is pretty much trying to get her thumb in her mouth all the time...even when we're trying to feed her! She is such a silly bee. Anyhoozle, take a look at the videos down the side as I added a few new ones of her sucking her thumb today. I'm hoping she takes more after Bern and takes to a strap or something though!I planted some oregano, thyme and basil in the front yard. The rosemary seemed to be doing splendidly so we thought we'd try our hand at some other herbs. They smell great and if I just remember to water them, I think they'll survive!! So we'll see. I am not much of a landscaper. I just willy nilly plop things in the ground. Everyone keeps telling me to have a plan. I think I'm pretty organized but not with my garden! I just can't be bothered with a plan, yet I want it to look nice. If someone would do all the work and I didn't have to pay them, that would be great!
I leave you with these cheeky pics of mini Lydia. She is smiling more and more. It won't take too long before she's laughing and giggling :)

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She's gets cuter every day!!!