Sunday, June 6, 2010

Riverbanks Zoo

Ever had a beer can chicken?  So you get a can of beer, stick some herbs in the can, put it in this can holding frame thing, stick the chicken on top so it looks like it's standing up, then stick it on the grill!!  Yup, that's what we had last weekend.  Oh, the things they come up with over here.  Bizarre, yes.  Tasty?  Yes! 
So here's our new rug.  Lowe's had a sale on so we found this rug half price!  Okay, so you didn't want to hear about my rug.  I don't care, it's my blog and I'll do what I want mwahahaha. 
So would you believe that Lydia is now 19 months old?  It really is true what they say, that time goes by so quickly.  Every day we notice her changing and growing.  Her hair is getting longer, she has 2 new teeth (one on the top, one on the bottom...bringing the total to 7!) and we think she's getting taller.  And cheekier by the day!
Today, Gary took us to the zoo.  We did get to see many live animals, but we weren't able to get quite a shot like the one above.  It was a hot, humid day so a lot of the animals were seeking the shade.  Lydia seemed to enjoy watching the birds.  She got a bit scared of the gorilla when it moved - probably because it was gigantic!  Otherwise she seemed curious enough about these strange animals.
She did watch the penguins for a little while, but then decided it would be much more fun to climb a rock that had been placed indoors as seating.  It wasn't a great seat, but it made for great climbing apparatus for Minoo.  Gary said, 'What will you do when you get to the top?  How are you going to get down?'  Well Lydia showed him.  She climbed to the top, then promptly laid on her belly and slid herself back down again! 

Alright, 'til next time.... 

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