Monday, June 21, 2010

Mr. Potato Head

Well it's one of those busy months for me.  We're training new volunteers for the hotline which means I'm working 2 weekends out of the month, turning my weekly blog posts to fortnightly blog posts.

Have I told you I hate the heat?  Oh yes, this very time last year you heard me say I was moving out of this Hades for rainier, cooler, breezier places.  Alas, here it is, a year later...and yes, I'm still here.  If humidity and heat outside wasn't enough, our AC broke down which meant we had a 91 degree F house.  Like maths?  To convert to celsius, (degrees fahrenheit - 32)/9 x 5.  I do this regularly just for fun.  There's some insight to how exciting I am.  After calling three AC companies, we finally found one that would come out the same day.  They fixed it in less than an hour and by the time we went to bed, the house was cooled down to a lovely 78 degrees F.

Here's Lydia eating some pineapple.  She has been eating well and her favourite foods right now are broccoli, blueberries, blackberries and squash.  She likes eggs too from time to time. 

So speech therapy has been going on for 3 weeks now.  The speech therapist has taught her to sign, 'more', 'all done', 'please' and 'help'.  To be honest, I'm not sure how helpful it is.  Granted I say, 'more' and she signs more.  But she never tells me more, or all done unless I ask first.  In which case, why not just teach her the actual word, 'more' or 'all done'?  She learnt 'clean up' so that when I say it, she starts chanting 'keeee aaahhhh keeeee aaaahhhh' and runs around pretending to clean up (guess who actually cleans up...). 

Also, they use a Mr. Potato Head to teach eyes, nose, mouth and other body parts.  Except teaching a kid that potatoes have body parts...isn't that a bit strange?!  Besides, she already points to a lot of her body parts; toes, feet, foot, knees, belly, arm, nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, ears, hair and head!  I'm guessing that one day they want her to SAY these words rather than just identify them. 
Lydia does seem to have picked up a few new words this past week or so.  She will say, 'OH wooooooooow!' and 'Pooh' for her pooh toy, and 'Shoooooooes' for shoes.  She also says 'am' for arm, as I always say, left arm and right arm when we're putting her clothes on.  Yes, you've guessed it, it usually goes like this, 'am am am am am'.  And just like any other child, she gets mixed up too!  We were in the book store and she pointed at a picture of a mouse so I said, 'mouse' to which she promptly touched her mouth.  Same with peas - she will sign please.  She got toes and nose mixed up for a while there too, but seems to have learnt the difference from daycare.  Matter of fact, when you say toes, she will wiggle her toes, touch them and say, 'tigu tigu tigu tigu' I assume to say tickle!

A bit sparse on the picture side for this post, so I am making up for it with nonsensical drivel.  Gary bought me a new camera (it's rather fabulous and small) so I missed a few weeks of photos with minoo!

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