Monday, August 23, 2010

22 months

She's pretty cute, don't you think?  Got these glasses from AC Moore for $1.  She's always breaking playing with my sunglasses, so I thought I'd get her some of her own.  Don't really do much for shade, but they do have 100% UV ray protection - how about those Hello Kitty shades?!

Don't worry, we didn't get that gigantic jeep looking thing.  We tried to get her to sit on a tricycle.  She decided she'd much rather get into this decked out ride instead!

Here's a funny fact.  Lydia's hair is lightening because of the sun.  I was looking at her hair today and said to Gary, 'Is her hair...lighter?'  Gary said, 'Yes, just like mine does in the sun.'  I did look (and felt) horrified for a second... before coming to terms with the fact that half the world has to deal with this strange phenomena.  Hair stylists are always telling me that my hair also lightens in the sun.  Dude, not sure how bright the sun has to be, or if it can get much brighter than it does here in SC, but my hair still looks pretty dark to me. 

I've been sticking Lydia on the scale every once in a while.  She's still under 22lbs, but over 21lbs so that's got to be a good thing!  It looks like she's filling out in the face too, and some of her pants are shorter so she has to have hit 30 inches by now!!  It's kinda cute that she's still small though.  One day we'll miss this. 

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