Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving Thanks

We're on the tail-end of a 4 day weekend over here.  Thursday was Thanksgiving day.  Generally known as a day to give thanks for the things we have in our lives, it's also turned into a day we eat far too much food, and a shopping bonanza weekend.  Yes, Gary and I live this life full throttle.  Gary's parents came over and we baked a big turkey, had all types of potatoes cooked in 4 different ways, stuffing, gravy, some rolls, macaroni and cheese, a pie and a partridge in a pear tree...just a month early. 

At midnight I ventured out to Walmart to buy a Cricut Expression.  Yes, I braved the crowds and became just another lunatic sucked in by the Black Friday sales.  BEHOLD:

This is what I ended up buying.  It's an aqua/turquoise coloured scrapbooking contraption.  What does it do?  It cuts shapes and letters and all types of things.  I'm sure I'll be posting some great creations soon.  HAPPY CHRISTMAS SONIA!! 

During normal waking hours, we checked out a few stores and managed to snag some cheap blu-ray DVDs.  I also bought a new coat from Old Navy at 50% off:

Saturday we went to see Stephen, Cory, Monty and Averie.  It was good to spend some time with them together.  They're moving to Indiana soon and although it's been in the plans for a while, it still doesn't seem quite real.  We hope to be able to see them again before they leave though, and they're never really goodbyes, just see you again soons.

Today we ventured out again.  I had to drop by work to film our newest holiday appreciation video.  Last year's video was really funny, so we're trying to make another funny video.  We'll know soon enough whether we've succeeded.  The holiday party is this week, and the last parts of filming are going to be tomorrow evening.  It's going to require some speedy editing on my part!
This isn't actually my desk at work, but Lydia decided she wanted to sit at this one and punch some keys on the keyboard.
We got quite a lot accomplished this weekend.  I even got my advent calendar painted.  It's a wooden one that we bought from a craft store.  I found some great ideas for an activity advent calendar for the next  month.  Not that Lydia will really understand it, but she'll understand it next year for sure.
Well, another week.  Be kind!

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