Friday, February 4, 2011


Lydia bit her little friend at daycare.  Apparently she does this to compensate for being so small.  She gets pushed around a lot and so, to defend herself, she bit the other kid.  I'm not really convinced that that's a very good excuse for her harming another child, and I'm not really sure how to stop her from doing it seeing as I'm not there when it happens.  And it always happens when she's not being watched so closely of course.  Dana, our daycare provider, said she sat her down for some quiet time after it happened.  I did try to talk to her about it today.  I said, 'Did you bite Elena?  Be kind and nice.  Don't bite Elena!' and she looked at me with a rather guilty look.  Then she started smiling.  Oh, she's a cheeky one!  I was just thinking this very week that it had been a while since she'd done it (she's done it a time or two in the past) and how glad I was that it didn't turn into a problem.  So I guess we'll see if it happens again!
Lydia is turning into a little girl.  Every day she does something amazing and I look at her, hoping to bottle up this moment.  I know it won't last as long as I think!  Most of the time, Lydia's quite gentle and doesn't go around biting her classmates.  I was at the daycare one morning and the kids were pushing on her, pulling on her hood...she just ignored them and looked at me as if to say, 'See what I have to put up with?!'

One morning I dropped her off after speech therapy and she was hungry.  She said, 'EAT! EAT!'  which got all the other kids saying the same thing.  The washer stopped and I guess it sounded like the microwave, because they all started saying, 'POPCORN? POPCORN?!'  Then Lydia said, 'SIT DOWN!' and all the kids sat at the table.  She then started banging on the table going, 'YUMMY! YUMMY! YUMMY!' which ended with the other 2 year-olds banging and chanting after her.  Quite the ringleader we have for a child!  She instigated a food sit down at the age of 2!
We whipped out the paints the other day and painted these small plant pots.  The one that she painted is the one in the front.  I'm using it at work as a pencil pot.  The one behind is the one that we both decorated.  It's being used to hold her crayons.  Her crayons have been the taste du jour for Chili, our dog.  Apparently it's her new favourite thing to chomp on so we've got to be a bit more careful with them.

I've been trying to get organised lately.  I spend a lot of my time doing things that don't make much of an impact, and so I'm trying to redirect my energy to be more productive at work.  I think it will help me to save more energy for home.  Isn't that the whole point in the end?

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Anonymous said...

HI! Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such a kind note on our blog :). Your little girl is so beautiful. I know what you mean about being amazed that you have a little PERSON on your hands. My daughter, especially, as she hits each milestone and her personality shows through more and more each day, I can't help but look at my 6-month-old adjusted daughter, and think, "whoa. no longer just a blob. a little person developing a real personality!" Enjoy her! People keep telling me it goes by so, so fast...