Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's Go Abanas!

We've had quite an eventful month.  Apologies for another late post.  It seems that this blog has almost run its course.  I've been thinking lately about blogging and what it's doing for me and for those who read it.  It started as a method to keep people in the loop about Lydia's beginning and it's been quite a cathartic process.  I also wonder what it does for Lydia's photos and life to be strewn all over the internet for any stranger to come across.  And the fact that one day she'll get older, and I should probably start being careful now rather than later.

I've got ideas to make the blog into a book - there's a lot of websites out there that can help me do that.  Either way, I'll be posting on here until a good closure point - maybe towards the end of the year.  I do have some ideas for a different blog in the future so maybe my internet spamming days aren't over just yet.
As I was saying, we've had an eventful month.  We had our volunteer appreciation picnic at work, we went to the air show, went to some civil war anniversary events and picked strawberries this past weekend.  It's been getting warm too so we've been going out more and more often.  It's nice to be out of the house and not stuck indoors all the time.  Lydia loves to be outside and being indoors is rather boring.  So we'd better take advantage of it before the heat of the summer kicks in!

Lydia had an appointment at MUSC today.  She is doing well and was meeting almost all of her milestones.  She had grown about 3/4 of an inch and is now weighing in at 23 1/2 lbs.  The doctors were happy with how she's been progressing.  She also had her last speech therapy appointment last week.  Just today she was talking about Adriana - I guess the lady at the hospital reminded Lydia of her! 

So Lydia is no longer receiving early intervention services from babynet, speech therapy or really anything!  She has a couple of different appointments to go in a few months and then before we know it, she'll be going to SCHOOL.  How time flies!! 

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