Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1 month old today

We went to see Lydia last night. It was meant to be a short visit, but ended up being a long one with us not getting home 'til after 11. Lydia was doing well - holding the same weight and holding her temperature. They had taken the IV out of her head, thank goodness! We were able to try to bottle feed her and she did okay. She struggled with the whole suck, swallow and breathe business and dropped her oxygen level really low a couple of times. It was scary but she recovered after a while. Scary even more as the nurse was telling us what to do if it happens at home - I am hoping it doesn't, but it will probably have me and Gary paranoid that it will every time she eats! We didn't hear anything back from the work up yet, but that will take a few days. We have met a few other families in the NICU. Most have been there 1-2 weeks or so but have a long road ahead like we do. It's quite a bizarre little club and I'd rather not be a member! But it's the best place for Lydia and we really are lucky that MUSC is so close by.


Cathy said...

I can't wait to meet Lydia. She is beautiful...just like her mommy.
Love you guys!!!

Shauna said...

I can't believe she is a month old!! Please keep sending us notice of the updates :) I remember they bottle fed Carter, he did well, then another nurse decided it was too early and he wasn't bottle fed for a whole month more (seems like that long) Now he is a vibrant eater, eats EVERYTIME someone else has food..he is just catching up I think!
You'll get over the paranoia other other stuff will take presidence, but hopefully by the time she comes home eating won't even be a worry anymore--in my prayers and thoughts ALWAYS
Love and Light,

Julia said...

Yay for bottle feeding!!! And she's put on a good bit of weight, huh? You and Gary are amazing so it's no surprise that Lydia is such a little trooper. I know you've probably heard this from a million and one people, but if there is anything you need don't hesitate to ask! Meals, house cleaning, transportation, someone to make you laugh or someone to cry on, we're here. We love you all three of you and can't wait to meet Lydia!

Love and prayers,
Julia and Chris

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! She is adorable! And she will be a genius just like mummy....thanks for the blogger, what a great idea!
Love and huggies
Marie xxx

Anonymous said...

Pure genius! Yep little Lydia for being your daughter and also you (Sonia) for the blogger! She is absolutely adorable!
Love and huggies
Marie xxx