Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We didn't get much of a visit last night. We got there early but had to wait as they were busy with another baby in the unit. We decided not to stay too late as we have another late night tonight and we were tired from the night before. Lydia looked well but was having a few issues. She still had some dsats during the day (where her oxygen level drops). No chance of us bottle-feeding as the nurse noticed she had a very tense abdomen. She drew the residuals out of her belly and there was a lot more undigested milk than usual. Apparently it wasn't the usual colour either. When they measured her belly, it was bigger than it should've been. I think they did some sort of x-ray thingie and saw what they thought was just air, so they had some sort of suction tube thing in her belly. I called the hospital today and they took that out and will start feeding her again this evening. They're starting her off slowly - about 16 ml rather than the 33 she had been getting. They keep asking if I am eating a lot of gassy foods that could be getting her all gassy! She had lost a little bit of weight from not eating yesterday, but overall she looked good. We got her lab work back and everything looked clear so she is off the antibiotics. Fingers crossed that she keeps getting better, although we know the rollercoaster isn't quite over yet!

Although it wasn't funny at the time, it is slightly more amusing today... Last night I dropped my dinner all over the living room floor. Nice. Gary was snoring on the couch early early - he went to bed early which is what he usually does on our early nights. Only reason I stay up is to pump! moooooooo...

I included a couple of pics from last night where Lydia looks like she's sunbathing!! I might be able to get a pic of her without crazy tape all over her chin tonight or tomorrow. Then you can really see that her cheeks are actually getting chubby. I actually thought her face was swollen the first time I saw her a couple of days ago before realizing she was just putting weight on!

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Lisa said...

She's beautiful. Re. pumping - I think I will have the vvvt-vvvt, vvvt-vvvt noise etched into my memory for a very long time :)