Monday, December 15, 2008

The Tale of Three Outfits

Lydia in her cute bunny onesie that Cory and Stephen got for her. It fits perfectly!

OH MY!! Look at that fuzzy head! Can you tell she just got a bath?! Poor thing has got piggy nostrils from having the CPAP and nasal cannula in for so long...!!

The tale of 3 outfits
This may sound familiar to some of you as there are many versions of this story out there.
Outfit number 1 was very cute (Annie found these cute onesies in UK) - she had this on with the pink sleep sack that Gary's Mum made for her. I was changing her and had a clean nappy in place. I turned around and she decided to poo on it. Great. I figured I'd get another clean nappy - I removed the 2nd poopy nappy and that's when she decided to pee everywhere!
Oh well, I'll just put her in this onesie that Gary's parents bought for her (it says 'genius in the making' on the front of it) and take a nice pic of her in the sleep sack too. Well, no sooner did I take this pic and put her in the sleep sack, she puked all over her top and the neck of the sleep sack.
Outfit number 3. She still has this one on! Maybe we will make it through the night ;)


Annie said...

She really likes having her arms stretched out huh? Tell Miss Lydia May that she is welcome to join me in the triangular nostril club:P xxxx

JILL said...

Sonia, she is so tiny but good things come in small packages. Congratulations. Cathy told me she looked JUST like you and Gary so my question is, where did the fro come from......Enjoy her. JILL

April said...

Sonia! She is beautiful! :-)

angel said...

Sonia, it sounds like she was not satisfied with those outfits. She was telling you she wanted the last one that she did not puke or pee on. She is adorable and smart.

Angel said...

I guess she decided she wanted the last outfit. She is adorable and already has a fashion sense.