Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sleeping Little Lydia

Lydia's favorite thing to do these days is sleep. I'm sure there will be days of inconsolable crying, especially if this reflux business keeps up. She's often really uncomfortable but I'm not sure she realizes she can cry about it yet! Anyway, this is one of her and her Dad's fave positions. Sitting on the sofa, watching a bit of TV together. Well, Lydia is just enjoying being close to her Dad.

Lydia's feet were just peeking out today. Figured you'd enjoy them (unless you hate feet, but even you feet haters have got to admit that Lydia's feet are cute right now.) Her name and date of birth were embroidered on the blanket thanks to Gary's Mum.

1 comment:

Angel said...

I love this picture. It is cute. Her feet are so tiny. I hope you put this one in her scrapbook. It would be a great addition.