Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another weekend!

Well I hope you like the new blog design. It was just a matter of time before we went online to find some html code that would make this page look a bit more snazzy.
We are having a relaxing weekend here at gary-sonia-lydia-land. Got to sleep in, take it easy, watch another peanuts movie - who knew there were so many of them?!
This photo is right after Lydia had a bath yesterday. She looks quizzical!
Not sure what she's smiling about here, but she thought something was rather funny! She is quite a peaceful baby right now - giving us some rest before she goes, 'mwa hahahaha... no sleep for you ever again!! waaah waaahh waaaahhhhh!'
I also added some videos so that you can watch them - they're on the right hand side. But some of them are really dark as they were taken on the camera. They don't look that dark on the camera, but I can't figure out how to lighten them up!

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