Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last few days of 2008!

Well, Little Miss Lydia found her thumb the other day! It was only in there for a few seconds, but she did suck on it! She still has the nasal cannula, although she is constantly fighting it and trying to get it off her face. We'll fix it one minute and she'll take it off the next. I don't blame her, I would be secretly sneaking it off my face as much as I could too.
Lydia's a wiggle worm - she managed to wiggle herself so that she was sleeping sideways! She is still small enough to fit width-wise in the bassinet. Not for long though as she is growing all the time :) She almost doesn't fit along the length of Gary's arm anymore!!

Lydia and Gary in their favourite position. She is just the right size right now! Gary and I notice her growing every day :) Her clothes are starting to actually fit her properly, and she's getting more baby fat all the time.
Well who'd've thought we would have a baby in 2008?! We were expecting a 2009 baby, but we get to bring in the new year with Lydia. Happy New Year to everyone!

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Annie said...

mmm, is that thumb an indication that she may be a leftie I wonder??

haha ... a wiggle worm. Me too:P A happy new year to you all. xxx