Sunday, January 11, 2009

Showered with love

Lydia is one lucky girl! She eats, sleeps and poops whenever she wants AND she gets lots of presents! She has been receiving presents from far and wide over the past few weeks. From friends and family all over the USA, all over the UK and from Hong Kong. She makes for one cute kid with all these American, English and Chinese styles going on.

Thank you to everyone that has shown such love for our new family. The gifts of wipes, nappies, clothes and baby accessories make life so much easier for me and Gary. We are able to look after little Lydia and have everything that we need and more.

Lydia is 38 weeks gestational (2 months chronological) and will probably be close to 6 and a half pounds next week. She has an easy, laid back temperament and we hope to see more of her curiosity over the next few months. She is still sleepy most of the time and working on growing bigger.

This onesie says, 'Mom and Dad's best present ever!' and was given to us by Stephen and Cory. Very cute!
Look at the cute dress! She looks like such a serious little lady! This dress was given to her by Catherine, Kim's mom. 2 minutes later and we had to kit her out with a bib as she had just finished eating. Just in time because if we would've been 2 minutes and 10 seconds later, we would've had to change her outfit again! I think that's why her head looks big and chubby...she's about to give us a present of her own!

The return of the feet. She just has this knack of sticking her little feet out of her covers. At night she sleeps in sleepers and gowns so her feet don't get cold. During the day we'll put a blanket over her whilst we're watching her... but it isn't too long before she wiggles her feet out again. These pics were taken 2 separate times on the same day!

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