Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mini Me

Lydia and I have had a busy week already. We went to MUSC to get her eyes checked out on Tuesday. It's quite horrid as they use this melon baller looking contraption to open her eyelids and poke around her eyeball! Apparently they're satisfied with how the blood vessels are developing so they won't need to see her again til close to her 1st birthday. And then it will be a normal eye exam, thank goodness.

We went to the paediatrician this morning for her 2 month check up. Lydia is now 18 inches long and weighs 6lbs 2oz! Exactly what I weighed when I was born! She is officially a mini-me!! She is doing really well. Unfortunately she had to have her vaccinations; 4 injections and 1 oral vaccination. Yucko. She didn't quite care for any of that and cried when they stuck the needles in. She was uncomfortable all day and crying a little here and there. It's the most I've heard her cry so it was really strange!

After Gary got off work, we went to look at a breast pump. Yes, that's how we spend our free time these days :) Well I found someone selling one for cheap on craigslist so we went to check it out. SO now I have one and I'll be returning the one I'm renting from the hospital soon.

Oh on an, 'I hate health insurance companies and all those evil expensive healthcare places' rant, Lydia's home health care company (the one that sends a nurse out to the house) called the other day. Corporate office called to inform me that CIGNA didn't cover their services after all, that they were out of network, and that I would have to pay out of pocket. UMMMM what? Of course, I lacked all communication skills (sorry, didn't use any of those hotline skills that I've honed over the years) and said in a somewhat raised voice, 'Are you telling me that the in-network service that you said you were providing is actually out of network, and that I will have to pay out of pocket?' To which the lady said, 'Yes, did someone tell you it was covered?' To which I responded, 'YES' ...although it may have sounded more stern and disgusted than the way you're reading it. SO the lady quickly said she would call the local office and call me back. And, of course, I haven't heard back since.

Oh if anyone wants to help us pay $8000 in medical bills, please make checks out to the gary-sonia-lydia-poor-because-of-health-costs-fund. No worries though - we're going to win the lottery as soon as I can part with the $1 to buy the ticket.

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April said...

healthcare costs are outrageous! i agree! don't ya wish you had the universal plan like England? :-)

I LOVE the picture of Lydia's hand with yours. That is precious!