Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why do you wear that hat?

Gary and I have been busy doing more home improvements this weekend. Gary cleaned out the garage to paint the garage floor. Cleaned out meaning he's got everything in the dining room and all around the house! At this very moment he's putting some fandangled hooks on the walls to get the tools off the floor. We actually have a big green rake - what for? I think it's a leaf removal device of some sort, but we wouldn't know as we've only used it once or twice!

I am a big fan of and I got a free baby bathtub off craigslist, this cute green dress (as well as some other cute clothes) , some toys, more clothes, a water thingy that has bubbles and fish in it... hurray for free stuff! I also bought some cheap DVDs, although I try not to spend money if I can help it. We just picked up another box of free baby clothes and toys last night :) We've also gotten rid of some stuff - old sofa, old entertainment center, fabric, that old lawnmower that stopped working last week.

Nothing too exciting going on. Just pottering around the house and playing Mummy :)

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de said...

Look how cute she is!

Doesn't it feel good to PURGE!?! I love Freecycle and Craigslist too... :-)

Hope all is well.