Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daddy the Baby Whisperer

Hope the weekend has been going well for everyone. We had all good intentions to clean out the garage this weekend but it's been raining on and off. Oh well! I guess we will wait to see what next weekend brings. Had some friends over yesterday - Lydia does quite well with company :) Caroline has a theory that babies save their worst behaviour for their parents as babies feel safe enough to share their deepest emotions with their parents. I'm not sure if that's true, but I know that my parents and my brother and sisters probably have seen a few sides of me that weren't very pretty!! Oh, and Gary has seen them too. Poor Gary! Speaking of Lydia's Daddy, he has become quite the baby whisperer (who needs Tracy Hogg?!). I'm not sure if it's his calm and patient nature, his comfortable belly, or he's just got that magic touch...but Lydia loves to nap and fall asleep like you see in the following pics:
Lydia seems to be having less fussy nights recently. Our bedtime routine of going into her room and her fussing for a few hours was not working. But if we sit with her in the front room and watch a bit of TV she does really well and falls asleep. I think it might be the background noise that she likes. We don't let her watch TV...babies look like zombies and are completely mesmerised by the's very bizarre and actually quite scary!
Look how big she has grown! We think she must be around 12lbs or so by now. So she's almost 3 times the size compared to when we brought her home! She went through a couple of weeks of not eating as much, but now she is back on track. I am down to pumping only 5 times a day (hurray!) but it looks like I'm going to have to start pumping more to keep up with her soon!
Alright, back to our Sunday :)

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de said...

So cute! She is getting very big!