Sunday, March 22, 2009

Take 2

Well another week has passed! We have been making some home improvements this weekend. Gary's been busy painting our shutters, mowing the lawn, cleaning the garage... I've been getting through the endless laundry loads and house cleaning. It's a lot of work when it all piles up on the weekend!

We got a new storm door put in last weekend (it goes in front of the front door) - Gary and Patrick went to buy it and then we tried to put it in. We called Gary's Dad to help us because our front door frame is wonky! Anyhoozle, we are enjoying it, especially with the weather warming up. We can have the door open and have some air coming into the house. I don't think it's very feng shui appropriate what with the air going from one side of the house to the other, so I'm sure my Mum will be telling me to get that mirror put up! Here's a pic so that all you peeps across the pond know what I'm talking about. Oh and that's Chili and Toffee looking out of the bottom half - not sure if you're able to see them or not?
Gary also had to buy a new lawnmower; the one we have had for 5 years is now officially in mower heaven. I'm going to post it on freecycle to see if anyone wants a lawnmower that doesn't work?! You never know...

Anyhoozle, you may remember this picture of Lydia. She is, as most babies seem to be, quite expressive. Well, I thought I would update this so that you could see how much she has grown. The first set of photos was taken when she was just over 2 months old. The following photos are from yesterday and she's over 4 months old now. We think she's about 11 1/2 lbs but we're not really sure. She won't get weighed for another month or two.
Poor thing had obviously had enough by the end of it. Well, best be off. Got a little fart machine to take care of (she has had some terrible gas the past few days. I'm surprised that Gary and I haven't resorted to wearing gas masks). Oh, not sure if you noticed but I posted a couple of videos of Lydia on the right hand side. She's squealing these days! Not quite smiling all the time, but a little bit :)

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