Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yay for the weekend!

Well, we made it through our busy week! Returning back to work was bitter sweet. It was good to get back into the swing of things. It was a chance to get things done that I hadn't been able to work on for a while. It also meant that Lydia started at the daycare full time. It was hard to think about not spending more time with her, but I guess we have to earn our money and pay the bills!

Atlanta went quite well considering I don't like to travel far distances in the car, and considering Lydia is only 4 months old. Lydia did really well in the car. We spent a lot of time driving to and fro. A few times we looked back and she would be awake, just looking around and entertaining herself.
The drive to Atlanta was probably the most difficult, what with it really being Lydia's first time out of the Charleston area. We had a few snafus. The car bottle warmer didn't work. So we bought another one. That didn't work either. Then we realised it was the car charger that was defunct!! SO then we were on the hunt for hot water. We didn't realise that the rest areas were so energy efficient these days. They all had those energy saving taps - the ones that only have luke-warm water and that flow for 5 seconds before they turn off (even though DHEC tells you to wash your hands for 30 seconds to be hygienic!).

SO at one gas station we found some hot water. For $1.09! Then at another rest area we couldn't find any hot water. In our infinite wisdom, we decided hot chocolate might work (now that I'm typing this, I realise how ridiculous this sounds). Needless to say it didn't do a very good job... the photo below will show you how well that turned out.The wedding itself turned out to be beautiful. Gary's friend from high school got married. The ceremony was lovely and we had a fun time. Lydia did very well and only made one 'aaah' throughout the whole ceremony. She fussed in the evenings on the way back to the hotel, mainly because it was past her bedtime and she was telling us how tired she was of being in the car.Anyhoozle, things went well. She has been back home for a week and hasn't come down with any illnesses from the trip. For that, we are thankful. Now we're back to hunkering down for the rest of RSV season and avoiding sick peeps as much as we can!

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MrsPickett said...

So glad you were able to get away from the house and have a good time! She is such a good guys are SUPER lucky!