Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our first trip!

Well I am up early preparing to go to Atlanta today. Gary and I are being brave and taking Lydia out of state! Gary is best man at Scott's wedding; it should be a lot of fun. The weather is supposed to be perfect for a wedding this weekend :) Hope you like the pic above. Sorry it's not a better one, but I did want you to see Lydia in her blue and pink striped cardigan and hat. It actually belonged to Gary when he was newborn! I can't remember where he got it from - maybe Grandma P? But I will find out from Gary's parents and let you know.
Here's little Lydia sleeping on my chest - cute! She went for her 4 month shots on Monday, as well as her synagis shot yesterday. The paediatrician's office can be so chaotic. Last time I went to the office they told me I couldn't get them all at the same time. I go in on Monday and they say, ' you want to get all of these shots done on Wednesday?' I'm like, 'What the heebeegeebees?' Actually, I said, 'That sucks. So we just came here today to hang out and pay more money?' This information would've been helpful if I could do anything differently. The synagis shot had to be given on Wednesday as it would've been too early on Monday anyway. So no option of getting it all done on Monday. DOH they are such dorkmeisters. SO the nurse just went to get the shots to 'make it worth my while'. PAH whatever... I still had to pay the extra co-pay for going to the doctor's twice in a week!
ANYWAY... here's Lydia in a cute outfit from Meredith, and funky fishy socks from Paula! Gary thinks this outfit is too wild, but it's one of my favourite ones ;) If you think Lydia looks chunky, it's because she is!! She weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs 12 oz yesterday! Still small for her age but right on track for her adjusted age!

Lydia's been rather fussy the past week or two. It's been difficult putting her to bed. We're hoping it will pass soon though!! On the plus side, she has started sleeping through the night! We start putting her down around 7:15pm, she fusses for about 2 hours these days and is down around 9:30 (we're hoping this will improve as we were able to put her down by 8pm a few weeks ago!). We sneak in and do some stealth maneuvring to feed her in her sleep around 10:30pm, then she sleeps until we wake her up at 7:15am! She starts fussing around 5am, but just moaning and groaning. Usually I get up to check on her and she's twisted herself so that her head is on the side of the crib! I reposition her and she sleeps for another couple of hours :) NICE!

Well, wish us luck on our first trip! I'll tell you all about it when we get back into town. I also start work full-time next week, so it's our last hurrah before complete and sheer exhaustion sets in! Give us some time to get into a routine and then we'll be back to full force. Well, force with less energy but that's okay. Speaking of force, Gary's been watching the new Star Wars cartoon on TNT haha. R2D2 was in a fight with an R3! It was almost as cool as watching Yoda fight... but not.

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de said...

I know I've said this 100 times, but she is SOOOO cute! I love the funky outfit... men, what do they know! (Just kiddin Gary!).

Have fun on your trip! Can't wait to hear how it goes!