Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mummy's turning 30!

Well I turn 30 on Tuesday! Eeksters! I'm finally saying goodbye to my 20s! Here's a pic of my almost-30-self with Lydia. It's all grainy because Gary took it at the aquarium in the dark! Lydia's having a fun time though. More pics from the aquarium to come. We took a billion of them haha. One lady took our photo at the aquarium and said, 'Wow..she looks like you (Gary)...and she looks like you (me) too.' I HOPE SO!It's a sure sign that Lydia is growing as she is now fitting into the clothes that Annie, Joe and I bought back in September. The following couple of outfits are just too cute. We thought about dressing her up for photos today in this green watermelon outfit, until Gary pointed out that neither of us actually like watermelon. Good point! But she still looks cute!

Twit twoooooo... I can't remember where this outfit came from? But I think Annie and I found it in a second hand shop. I think... Either way it looks like it was new. Maybe you gave it to Lydia?! Let me know!
And here's a photo of Lydia and me lying on the floor. She is smiling and giggling a little bit these days. It won't be long until she is laughing!

Missing Gary in these pics? Don't worry! Most of the aquarium pics are of him and Lydia. I was along merely to document the momentous first-trip-to-an-aquarium-many-more-to-come experience!! For those of you who don't know, Gary is obsessed with aquariums. He's already talking about going to one of those slumber parties at the aquarium with Lydia when she's older!!

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Cory Pickett said...

She is losing her baby fat....she is just adorable and hopefully we will be able to come out and see her soon.