Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shark Attack

Well here are some photos of Lydia and Gary at the aquarium. I have a ton, but these few are the best ones. This was Gary's perfect day out with his little girl. As you can see in the pic below, they were both watching the fishies go around. Gary said it was an entirely different experience...he wanted to show her lots of things and talk about all the different fish.

The SC Aquarium is a great place. They have got a new exhibit there with a few penguins there. Along the wall they had all of these penguins at actual size. Lydia was the same size as the smallest penguin there. Here she is measuring up to the biggest penguin, the Emperor penguin!

If you know Gary, then you might know that he is completely obsessed with sharks. At the aquarium they have a new kid play area with a fake shark cage. Well, here are the gruesome twosome in the cage. Lydia is busy watching the shark swimming by!Just thought you'd like to see Lydia's minions, Toffee and Chili. The pic is a bit small but you can see how much she has grown.And last but not least, here we are sporting our matching hats from Aunt Kathleen. She had knitted a hat for Lydia and it was far too big before. Kathleen was wondering where it was, so I pulled it out and it looks like it fits! So I pulled out the one I have and we made quite the stylish pair! Cute, hey? If we go to the hockey game on Friday night, I think I will put this hat on Lydia's head to keep her warm :) She has some purple booties too, but they were a bit big still.

Alright then, over and out for another week!

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