Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let's Go Rays!

Hellooooo Peeps! Quick post about our hockey game shenanigans. The SC Stingrays made it to the Kelly Cup Finals!! We were able to watch 2 games on Friday and Saturday, but we didn't win the cup and the Rays have to go back to Alaska to finish up the series. If you're not really into hockey, you probably don't really know what I'm talking about, but that's okay! Carolina Hurricanes lost their series but we've been watching the Pingus and Redwings (Gary calls them the Dead Wings) play for the Stanley Cup.

Here are some pics of Lydia, me and Gary at the game. We had to find a hat that went over Lydia's ears. Mainly for warmth, but also to muffle out the noise. It's fairly loud in there but it didn't seem to bother her. She outgrew the little dress thingy a while back, but the hat still fits! She got it from Auntie Connie.
Here's Lydia sucking on her hand and watching the hockey. Really she spent most of the time looking at people. At one point she looked up at the guy next to me as if to say, 'Why are you standing up?' Then she looked at the woman next to Gary as if to say, 'And what are YOU doing standing up too??'
Here she is catching a few zzzz's. She pretty much went to sleep for most of the game. We threw her off her schedule a bit, but the very next day she was back on track! woohoo!

Lydia is now 7 months old (4 months adjusted) and is right on track for all the 4-month old milestones. Hurray! She has started to blow bubbles, giggle a little more and we think she's trying to imitate facial expressions too :) A couple of days ago, she rolled from her back to her stomach - intentionally!! It won't be long before she's rolling all over the place so we'd better get to that baby-proofing business! Does this mean I have to clean more, too? Eeksters!

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de said...

I swear she gets cuter with each post! Looks like she was having a blast at the game! It's cool that you guys take her out to do things like that! She'll really love them even more as she gets older! Hope all is well. Miss scrappin with ya!