Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Roly Poly

Gary and I have been busy enjoying the world with Lydia as much as possible since flu season ended. We still have a few months of weekends to get out and about before we're on RSV alert again! It's all been quite exciting, feeling like we have a rather normal baby and she's doing so well. We still worry a bit about her immune system - trying to stay healthy so staying away from germy places and all that, but we've managed to have her around groups of people without her getting sick or anything, so we're doing well on that front. Thought you'd enjoy a photo of Mini here with Toffee. Toffee and Chili go check on her in her room, lie next to her and all that. They don't quite enjoy her kicking them in the head though...they don't know what's coming in the next few months!!

Lydia is now a proficient, 'roll to my left-side from my back to tummy'-er. She's so proficient that she manages to do it in her crib, gets mad and then doesn't go to sleep. The other morning, she had managed to roll herself over and was sleeping down the side of the bed with her arm sticking out of the rails!
The Rays brought the Kelly Cup home this weekend. We were excited so we went to the rally outside the ice palace to support the boys (they really are boys... born in the mid-late 80s most of them. We are getting REALLY OLD). There were a few hundred peeps that showed up there -fairly decent-sized crowd as you can tell by the pic below.Today is the beginning of volunteer training at work. It makes for an incredibly busy few months when training comes around. I think it's been a couple of weeks since I cleaned the house, so I'll have to find some time to do that this week after work. It's all quite tiring! Soon Lydia will be crawling so we're going to have to baby proof, as well as make sure our floors are cleaner than what they are right now. I'm sure the vacuum cleaner will be a permanent fixture in the front room, making sure she doesn't put something weird in her mouth!

Alright then, best get back to whatever I'm supposed to be doing...

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de said...

Good golly she is a cutie! Hope to meet her before she's in High School HE HE