Monday, June 15, 2009

Got Sunscreen?

Another week has passed and Charleston is hot right now! I'm not a big fan of hot weather. The sun has made me a permanent shade of dark. Even Lydia has a tan already and she's not out in the sun all that often. Anyhoozle, one day I'll move away from these humid summers. I wouldn't mind if it didn't last that long, but a third of the year is spent dealing with this heat... not my idea of fun! More power to those who brave the beaches this time of year. Not sure how you do it without feeling like your insides are cooking though!

SO are you ready for Lydia's latest achievement? She isn't quite sitting up yet, but she is trying!

I'm not sure it's very comfortable as she spends most of her time doubled over, using her hands to keep herself from toppling over. It's a bit easier on the sofa, as you can see.May-Yuk is making strides every day. She likes to watch as people talk, she's starting to reach and grasp for things - she even tried to reach for Chili a few times! She loves to hear us laugh - when we laugh, she smiles and smiles and laughs a little bit with us. I wish I could share some of these moments with you peeps across the pond. I sure do miss you all.

Life has been busy for us the past few months. Recruitment and training overtake my life for a few months so it seems like there are not enough hours in my work day. I haven't cleaned my house for a few weeks and the garage is still in my dining room. We always have good intentions to get these things done, but things always come up.

We're enjoying taking Lydia out and about on weekends when we can. I can't help wanting to enjoy our time before flu season hits again! So we expose her to germs in the summer and then avoid the scary flu germs in the winter. That's as much as we can do for right now. We're lucky that she hasn't been sick yet. Every time she gets the slightest hint of sniffles or coughs...I have to admit it sends me into a slight panic. I have visions of having to go back to the hospital and it scares the hell out of me. And yes, I know, germs build up the immune system blah de blah. Well we expose her to people and germs but that doesn't mean I want her to get sick. I guess as she hasn't been sick yet, I don't know what to expect. I'm sure it would be completely manageable. But I'll tell you now that I'll probably be freaking out as to how severely it affects her and whether it would cause her any permanent damage to her lungs.

I guess there are the 2 sides of preemie parenting. On one hand, she's doing brilliantly and no one would be able to tell that she was preemie. On the other, I probably worry about things a lot more. Every time she does something new, I'm just so thankful that she can do it and we haven't encountered any problems. I think these are just parenting woes too, as a lot of parents watch for their kids to meet milestones. And maybe it's a little easier for preemie parents as we're trained to look for weird things early on. Whereas if I had a full-term baby it probably would've taken me by surprise a little more.

Well, best get some rest. Thanks for reading ;)

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de said...

She is ADORABLE! Cuter with every post!