Monday, June 22, 2009

First Sailing Trip

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We were running around all over the place it seems. Here are some pics of our first sailing trip with Lydia! Sorry this is a bit late in the week, but we've been really busy. Here's mini-ness not liking her lifejacket too much!!

This picture makes her look like Aaden on Jon and Kate plus 8!!! I always say she kinda looks like him in certain photos.By the end of the trip, she was pooped and ready to go to bed. She's been sleeping earlier and earlier this week - she's been dropping off to bed around 7:30pm. On one hand it's great because she sleeps til 7 in the morning. On the other it stinks because then I only get to spend an hour and a half, 2 hours with her when I get off work. Wish I could just stay at home, but it's not even a remote possibility.

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