Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quite Contrary

Hope everyone had a fabooooo 4th July weekend. Gary and I decided to tackle our overgrown jungle of a yard. I wish you could see the, 'before'. Gary was going to mow the lawn, edge the lawn and then weed around the house. What he ended up doing was tackling our weedy flower bed. We raked all the mulch up, put weed paper down and got some lava rock and put that down. The neighbours have promised that it is well worth it! SO here's the during picture - we have it 3/4 done - we just need to go buy some more lava rock to finish it up. More pics coming up next week.Lydia has been close to sitting the past week. She has managed to go for a few seconds before toppling over and falling flat on her face! Here she is using her toys to balance!

This is the fandangled activity seat thingie that Annie and Joe bought when they were over here. Lydia loves to hit the ball with beads in it to make noise. And, as you can see, she's taken to eating the antennae of the butterfly. She loves it :)Lydia is just so alert these days. She watches people, she smiles at people. We talked to Elaine on Skype and I swear Lydia was smiling back at her!Here's minif trying some avocado. Well actually she's turning her nose up at it. It's her first attempt at solid foods so we thought we'd try some avocado first. Joe said that babies have a natural aversion to green things (something about it looking unripe). Well, I must say that I agree, as she didn't even know we wanted her to eat it and she wouldn't go anywhere near it. She just kept looking at it in disgust! We were hoping she'd touch it and put a bit in her mouth. Well that didn't quite happen and we cheated a bit to get her to taste it. I stuck a bit on my finger and she was licking it a bit! Eeksters... a whole new world...

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