Sunday, July 12, 2009


Gary and I have been working hard this weekend! We finally finished our front garden patch! I'm sure Annie will be pleased to see that the weeds are non plus! We got some edging so that the grass doesn't grow into the flower bed, put that weed paper stuff down and then bought a lots of lava rock! The best part of the whole thing is that it's cured the drainage problem we had in front of the one bedroom. The water would drain off the roof and create this trench (okay, it was more of a mini rut) in the soil. Now, with the lava rock... no more rut!
The following is project number 2 of the weekend. Well, you may recall this unfinished 'weekend' project from a few months ago. We have had some busy weekends running around and working so this got put on the back burner. Which is a shame because the garage was still in my dining room and it was driving me bonkers! Well, this may look like it's finished, but it's actually an illusion. If only you could see the other 3 walls, you'd see that it's far from looking like this! But at least now you know what Gary's vision is. He wants to make sure his 'man cave' is pretty. Seems like a contradiction in terms to me, but hey, I'm just a girl in the world. We painted and finished up this wall so that we could at least get some shelves up and get the stuff in the dining room back out to where it belongs!! Of course, all of this hard work is like tryptophan (sp?). Gary and Lyd needed a nap so they decided to take one together.

Just thought this would be a good comparison pic for you. Here's Lydia this weekend. We'd been out and about and she fell asleep in the car. So we brought her in and left her in her carseat rather than disturb her. At 8 months, she's probably 16-17lbs by now. Her head is almost to the top of the carseat, her feet are nearly sticking out! The shoulder belts got moved up a while ago now - the top of the shoulder belts is where the top of her head used to be!

This pic is of Lydia exactly 7 months ago, coming home at just over 4lbs. The belts were the smallest they could go and she was still too small. We had to roll blankets down the side to secure her in the seat, and her feet didn't go to the end of the little preemie outfit she had on! If you look closely, you can actually see where her feet are in the outfit - they are close to the bottom of the belt buckle section (if you see a sticky out bit on the inside of the leg, that's her foot!). Some good comparison points: Look at the yellow and white label next to her head to see where her head is positioned in each pic. Also look at the bottom strap to see where her feet are - compare that with where it is on the photo before. Wow she's really grown!

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de said...

Wow, you guys did work hard this weekend?! Does Gary hire out?! The front looks great! Let me tell you, I did the lava rock in front of my house and the white rock in the back. It is SOOOO low maintenance. I have perenials planted like hostas and lantana and you have a pretty, extremely low maintenance, low cost garden! Love it.

Lydia is such a doll! She gets cuter everyday!