Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby Doll

Lydia had her first sleepover guests last weekend. Monty and Averie came to visit and spent the night in Lydia's room. They helped her get dressed into her pyjamas, helped pick out her outfit, helped feed her during the day... I think Lydia enjoyed having them around and hanging out with them :) Luckily for us, Lydia does well with people she's not met before. She doesn't have any of that stranger anxiety stuff going on, or at least not for the time being. She's quite the well-behaved baby really... my Mum said not one of the Party of Five let her sleep through the night very well!It's hard to believe that Lydia was so light when she was first born. Now she's a good 17lbs (according to my most accurate and scientific scale in the bathroom)! Averie was carrying her around the house and was doing very well carrying something that was bigger than a sack of potatoes!

Lydia's making strides this week. She has been rolling from back to front for a while now, and has just started to roll from front to back. She doesn't do it often, but she's starting to. She's also sitting up a lot better and reaching for objects - mainly toys, but pretty much any object she can put in her mouth! Either way, Gary and I have decided that she's at the most perfect huggable size right now. To think that one day she'll be much too big to carry around. I'll be sad when that day comes, happy too :)

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Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous! Looking more like you all the time.