Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Lion, the Witch and the....Bookshelf??

Well, if we thought that she was making strides last weekend, this weekend we were in for a big surprise! Lydia has decided that she is exploring everything. Here she is under the end of the sofa - I'm not quite sure what she was looking at, but it was rather exciting! Surprise! Lydia loves to stand! I have now become, not mummy the comforter, not mummy the cool one to play with, not even mummy provider of food. I will now be known as mummy, that lady that helps me stand. She crawls over to me all excited, looks up at me and extends an arm. And I, of course, oblige by holding out my hands so that she can pull herself up to stand! So, rather than looking under the sofa, she can now look at everyone above it.
Sooo here I was thinking that my role as 'stander-upper-helper' was really coming into its own. Until we walked in to find this. And this is AFTER we had already lowered her mattress as she had gotten herself up to kneeling earlier in the day.
Now that she can pull herself up, she's realized that el mundo es un pa├▒uelo. Here she is, clambering up on the bookshelf...actually trying to get INTO the bookshelf to the wonderful world of Narnia. Okay, to the box of Beatrix Potter books that I bought off craigslist a few months ago!
It looks like we'll have to do some more babyproofing. We just got done looking at crawling level and now we have to look at calf level and knee level too! Look at the next pic, doesn't she look like a little girl? Looks like our little baby is growing up :)

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