Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meeting the Aunts

Well we got back from DC. Did a lot of sightseeing - it was fun. We will go back there one of these days. Lydia did well - she stayed on her schedule most of the time and had no problems sleeping in the hotel room. We were lucky as we had adjoining rooms so we were able to leave the room once we had put her down for the night. On the way up to DC, she was a bit fussy as she decided that it was time for her first tooth to come through. You can see it poking out a bit now, although you really can't see it unless you know it's there. Her new nickname will be Toothy. For a few days anyway ;) That's Annie and Elaine squishing Lydia to bits. Apparently, she's cute. But, you know, they're a bit biased really.
We went downtown last weekend to try to go to the Whale of a Sale. The queue was around the block. I went to the front of the line to ask how long they'd been waiting - an hour already!! SO we decided to walk around the farmer's market instead. Then we went to swing on Charleston swings and get some photos.

Lydia did get her synagis shots, seasonal flu and H1N1 flu vaccines a few days before we left for DC. Couple that with pain from teething and you get this:I'm quite positive that the sight of her Grandpa Donnelly did not make her do this as she's usually quite content to sit on his lap. She was trying to hold it in for a while before breaking out into a full blown wail. Poor thing.
Well, half of November is over already. How time flies! I'll post some DC pics next week ;)

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