Monday, November 9, 2009

Having Lunch with Barack

We're off to Washington DC tomorrow!! Everyone keeps asking if we're going to see Obama. Well, we have a lunch date with him and his wife. I'm not sure if they'll actually show up as they didn't respond to Lydia's invitation, but hey, I'm sure they're busy. Doing President-y things or something. Lydia turned 1 on Monday. It was a quiet affair - a day spent getting to know her Aunts. The weekend before her birthday, we went to get some pics done and had a birthday lunch celebration with Lydia's Grandma and Grandpa Donnelly. Here are just a few of the pics. She got her synagis shots for the season (about time!!), a flu shot and the H1N1 flu shot too. She was cranky the rest of the day. I have a funny picture to show you all but I can't find my camera right now - I will have to post it next time for sure.
Lydia weighed in at 18lbs 6oz, 29 inches long! She's been a bit cranky the past couple of days. She's also had a few explosive nappies - she pooed all over Annie's jeans and hardly got any on herself! Mum said she's probably teething. Well lo and behold we think we can feel a tooth coming in. So maybe it will make an appearance one of these days! Although we have been mistaken before. Gary and I have thought that she was teething a few times before too.

Wow, we made it to a year!! Thanks so much for all of your support this past year. I feel like we've been on a wild journey. I know that you guys have been on the wild journey with us. We are really enjoying Lydia and parenthood. Stay tuned for more pics next week. I have some really good ones to share.

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