Monday, November 2, 2009

Spooky Birthday

Lydia dressed as a pumpkin for halloween! We didn't get go trick or treating, but we did sit on the lawn for a bit to hand out sweets to the children. Lydia looked very cute and had fun with Toffee the Jester and Chili the Wizard. Lydia also had a onesie that had, 'I love my mummy' written on it with some halloween baby leggings. I think we both looked good in our spooky outfits.
Here's Lydia with a pumpkin - I was hoping to get a picture of her at a pumpkin patch, but it didn't seem to quite work into our schedule as October was a busy month.Lydia has some visitors this week! Her 3 aunts are here visiting from England! We had an early day today, what with the time change. Lydia was up at 6am - I'm not sure if she knew that it was her birthday and just wanted us to be up too! Here's Annie and Elaine giving Lydia a bath tonight. Lydia was a pukemeister today - she had puked in her crib last night, then spit up a few times today too. Not sure what was going on, but we think it was just an off day for her. Well, more to come from our travels. We got some professional photos taken on the weekend and they are cute!!

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de said...

Happy Birthday Lydia! WOW, it's hard to believe it's been a year. We seriously have to get together lady! She is such a cutie! Love the pumpkin costume and Chili and Toffee are so cute! Have fun with your family during their visit!