Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Sorry for the non-posts lately. I have been sick all month and we're finally getting rid of the remnants of it! Lydia and I pulled through without too many problems. I'm hoping that we don't get sick again during flu season as it's not much fun!
We bought Lydia a couple of gifts for Christmas - mainly stacking toys and sorting toys and stuff like that. Really, I'm not sure that she'll want to play with any of it. As you can see by the photo above, she's having a whole lot of fun playing with the duster!
This is her favourite toy right now. Matter of fact, it's really the only toy that she seems to have any attachment to whatsoever. Sure, she plays with a lot of her toys, but this is the one that she carries around everywhere. It's not even really a toy (Do you see a theme here? I'm thinking that most kids like to play with things that aren't really their toys!)... it's a Piggly Wiggly keyring. It's got a little pink pig on the end, and when you press the button it is a flashlight type thing and it oinks. She doesn't know how to push the button yet, but I think she likes it because it's just the right size in her palm.
Not sure what Lyd was doing here, but putting her feet up on this plastic thing in which Gary carries his tank water was fun for a few minutes!
Here's Lydia holding her bottle. She's about ready to be drinking out of a real cup now! She drinks out of her sippy cup every now and again, but not regularly. For some reason she likes to stick her leg in the air when she's drinking her milk!
Here are the gruesome twosome all dressed up for my work's holiday do. I am working this Christmas (as usual), but still have some good time to start some family traditions. This year it will probably involve some holiday films, some cookies (I found some Lydia-friendly ones that I am going to try out!) and some stories. We put a few decorations up to capture the festive spirit.
We already have a few ideas for next year. Lydia will be 2 and she will be a bit more excited about Christmas time then. This year is exciting because we can celebrate not having tubes and wires hanging off her! To think that she's been home for over a year now. That's a great feeling. Merry Christmas or what?

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