Monday, January 18, 2010

Ready to Take a Stand

Well I waited a few more days to see if I could capture Mini-ness standing tall and free. It never quite happened at the same time as my having the camera in hand, but she stood without support for a few seconds a couple of times this weekend.

Another thing that happened this week - goodbye bottle! Lydia mastered the sippy cup. She has about 4 different brands of the dang things - this one seems to work the best as it's got a straw in it. She hasn't figured out how to tip the cup up, so I guess the straw is as good as anything right now. I had a 4 day weekend this week, so I got to spend a lot of time with Lydia.Here's Little Lydia showing off her bottom two teeth. She's got 4 teeth right now, and probably a few more on the way. Lydia would sleep 8 til 8 if we let her, but we usually have to wake her up a little after 7. She's been sleeping well the past week seeing as she was waking with teething pain a lot.
Mimicking is Lydia's favourite activity these days. If you tip your head to the side, she does too! If you make a sound, she'll try to imitate it. This is her fish face that she sometimes turns into a kiss sound.

Well my intention to get out and about and get healthy got off to a late start. Today, Lydia, Chili, Toffee and I went on a walk around the neighbourhood. The weather was ridiculously gorgeous; blue skies, shining sun, slight breeze. Seriously, I was walking outside in a t-shirt! Not sure that it will last, but it was enjoyable.

Well I thought you might enjoy another video of mini Lydia. She has far too many toys. From the photos, I'm sure you can tell that they're overtaking the house. Well, she just enjoys playing with everything. I never knew that upside down dog bowls could be so entertaining!

Long week ahead at work. Until next time...


SheKan said...

another left-hander

de said...

OMG she gets prettier with each new pic! And what an adorable video!

asiangarden said...

very cute!