Sunday, February 21, 2010

Changing Seasons

Sorry for the inconsistent posts this month. It's not that I don't have any spare time, I just get thrown off schedule when I'm busy. I could lie and say I have been productive every second of my time. Yeah I'm just not that good!

Work has been overwhelming this month. I started the month balancing my time well, and it turned into a hot mess at the end of the month! This week was the first time that I felt I missed a milestone with Lydia. Thursday I was at work by 8am and didn't get home til a little before 10pm. Then on Friday, I didn't get home until 7. When I got home, I had gotten changed and Lydia decided she'd walk across the room! She took a few steps, stopped to regain her balance, took a few more steps, then a few more! She went from taking 2-3 steps at a time to about 15 steps at a time.We had a fun Chinese New Year weekend. Stephen, Cory, Monty and Averie came over and we ate all types of food on new year's eve. It was fun and we got to spend some time together. On Sunday, we decided to check out the Chinese Association of Greater Charleston's celebration. It was the first time that we'd ever been in the 10 years I've been over here. It was a rather strange affair, with a 2 hour performance that resembled a bizarre high school talent show. Needless to say it might be another few years before we go again ;) I think I am going to have my own celebration next year and just be happy with that.
Here's a pic of Lydia holding the ladder for her Daddy. Gary was changing some light bulbs and she decided that she wanted to help.

Charleston got some snow last weekend. You might be thinking, 'Big deal!' Well, if I told you that we haven't had any significant snow since I've been here, you might get an idea of how rare this is. The last time that there was snow that actually stuck to the ground in this area, it was 1989! SO although Lydia has been out in snow, she might be a bloomin' teenager before she sees it again. Assuming we're still in this area of course. Who knows, maybe we'll move somewhere where they have loads of snow! Although even I enjoyed the weather being warmer this weekend, what with the temperatures being around 15 degrees. I'm not looking forward to the sweltering heat though. Inevitably it signals the season of allergy reactions, unbearable humidity and pressure headaches.

Lydia had her 15 month appointment last week. She was 29 1/2 inches tall and 19lbs 14oz. I was glad she had put a bit more weight on as she had only put on 2 oz the month before. She's been eating really well lately; she's loving her broccoli, peas, hummus, a bit of bread, chicken - really any type of meat. I gave her some grapes the other day and she really liked those too. She's been drinking her milk and water well. Still hasn't figured out how to tip her cup, but can suck on the straw. So she did it a bit backwards but at least we don't have to worry about how to get rid of the sippy cup I guess!

We also got new carseats for the cars, seeing as she is almost too tall for the one she was brought home in. We got an evenflow symphony 65 which rearfaces up to 35lbs, and has the harness that can be used up to 65lbs. It took us a while before we decided which one to buy - it's like buying a car or something!

Hope you've been enjoying the Olympics. I've been pulling for all types of peeps. Shen and Zhao in ice-skating, Apolo Ohno in the short-skate, Great Britain in curling... I love to hear the personal stories of some of these athletes! Watching the Olympics makes me think of things I want to be in life that I don't think will ever happen (well, that aren't possible haha):

Olympic athlete!

Engineer (okay technically I could go back to school and do this but really, I think my brain would explode)

Astronaut (if I wasn't so scared of big spaces - which is why I don't do well in the ocean either!)

I should probably quit whilst I'm ahead.

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