Friday, April 9, 2010

April Foolishness

A new month!  And, thankfully, no more illnesses.  Well, almost.  Gary was diagnosed with strep throat on Sunday.  I was doubtful that our after-hours clinic would be available on Easter Sunday, yet it was!  So Gary got some antibiotics and steroids and felt a whole lot better by the next day.  I think illness was chasing us last month so we're glad to be rid of it finally.  I know, illnesses are good for a child's immune system.  Why do people say that?  Because I'm not sitting at home looking at my sick child thinking, 'Goody, she's growing so much stronger being ill.  She should do it more often.' 
Lydia's appetite has picked back up.  Her favourite snackaroo these days is a hummus sandwich.  She gets excited when she sees bread, or the hummus container; we've created a hummus sandwich monster!  Gary thinks she had strep, or some sore throat thing as she really didn't want to eat anything else.  In the past week she's been eating chicken, broccoli, blueberries...all the things she used to love!  She's been feeding herself really well.  We fell off the baby-led bandwagon.  I guess all roads lead to Lydia's stomach so we continue to listen to what she wants to eat and when she's had enough.  We think she's due a growth spurt too and might have a tooth coming in too.
For some reason we missed an entire season.  It went from winter to summer in 2 weeks.  So now we're dealing with heat in the mid to late 20s.  I'm not really a fan of the heat, but it gives us the great opportunity to be outdoors.  Lydia stays active walking around all over the place. and other exciting things.
We went for a picnic on Saturday.  Gary went out to help his parents with the house, then they all came into town and we went to the park.  Well you know I'm not a church-goer, so we'd be those commercial easter celebraters.  Lydia doesn't really get the whole hunting thing, so she got to sit amongst colorful eggs and play with them. 
The park has a sprinkler area for kids to run around in.  She was rather tentative about water shooting out of the ground - who wouldn't be?  Whose idea was it to have kids approach shooting geysers of water?  It's rather strange really...yet they all seem to find it a lot of fun during the heat of the summer.  I imagine we'll be going back there and Gary and I will be having fun pulling her out of the water soon enough.
Lydia handled it quite well - even when the water started getting higher and higher and she was getting water in her face.  Which was quite surprising really as she hates it when she gets water in her face when she's taking a bath!
Here's our little toddler.  So far she seems to be laid back, independent, talkative, cautious and happy.  Lydia's daycare friends are quite feisty - they take things from her, try to move her out of the way.  I've seen the interaction; Lydia's playing with a toy, the other kids get territorial and take it away from her (quite aggressively at times) then Lydia looks at them as if to say, 'If you just ask, I'll give it to you anyway.  Mummy says to be kind.'  How exciting to see that our little girl has a personality that is developing and growing all the time.

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