Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Deer lunch

I think Gary was itching for a project this past weekend.  Instead of painting the garage, or painting our bathroom, or doing laundry, or cooking a nice meal, he decided he would build a raised flowerbed.  Oh, I'm sorry, I've been corrected quite a few times - it's not a flower bed, but a garden bed.  We planted some herbs, veggies and fruit.  We don't have a fence so I'm thinking we're growing these for the family of deer that live in the woods - I've been told they're going to eat anything that grows!
Gary learnt some 'mad skillz' from his Dad.  Okay, so some of you may be thinking, 'So he's building a box, what's the big deal?'  Firstly and lastly, if you are waiting for me to build it, you'll be waiting for a while.  You know that phrase ...something to do with hell freezing over?  Or if you don't want to be accused of using a curse word (yes, hell is apparently offensive in the south.  Who the hello knew?) you could say if pigs could fly, if frogs had hair, if Sonia had any inclination to build wooden boxes...

Here are Gary's trusty helpers.  They, you know, watched for deer.  And Lydia looked for...blades of grass?  Patrick actually helped Gary hold the boards together, so he did help out.  The other 3 though...they pretty much eat, sleep, play and poop.
Here's the finished product.  When we got the house, Gary said he would never plant anything ever!  Mwa ha ha!  6 years later and I've finally worn him down!  I'd just like to reiterate that this garden bed was his idea.  So it's also his fault that I now want two more garden beds, a pond with a fountain, a tree or two, gravel around the garden beds, a play area for Lydia, something for Chili and Toffee's poop, and a swing. 
Well, you'll be glad to know that Minoo Lydia is doing much better.  Her rash has finally gone!  She has remnants of a cough, but is almost back to her loving, playful self.  As you can see, she is getting into trouble again.  I am also just dealing with remnants of a cough - yay, almost feeling 100% again!  Gary ALMOST escaped the month of sickness unscathed.  You've guessed it, Gary caught the nastiness and has the flu.  He had a fever and achiness last night so he stayed home today.  He's quite puny when he's sick - are all guys that way?!  How come when I'm sick, I still have to watch a sick toddler, cook and do laundry?  What the heebeegeebees...

See how much Lydia's grown?  We've been paying more attention to her speech lately.  I think some of the reason that she's delayed may be a fault of ours.  When she goes, 'waaaah' we give her what she wants as we know what she's whining for... we don't always encourage her to speak, or speak to her about what she wants.  We just hand it to her.  So maybe we're making it too easy for her.  We'll see.  I know what peeps say - kids develop at different paces and she'll get there.  We know that.  We just want to know that she can do it so that we don't have to worry about it being something else. 

We have been enjoying the weather - it's been in the mid 20s over here, so warm and sunny.  A bit of rain, but the cold is definitely behind us.  We bought our bike trailer about a month ago, but we've been too sick to use it!  Something is thwarting our attempts to enjoy this weather and get some exercise.  Well, we're hoping that we can make good use of it once Gary recovers.  Here's to Spring picnics and being outdoors!

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de said...

Excitement in the Donnelly house! WOOT WOOT! Thanks for sharing all the pics! And your narrative is hilarious!