Monday, March 22, 2010

Quack Quack Quack

Lydia finally got over her rash! She was well for about half a day before developing a cough and cold. So she's now congested. Like any other almost 17 month old, she runs around like there's nothing wrong. She's been running around coughing on everything and drooling all over the place because she's breathing through her mouth! Here's what Lydia looks like in a boy outfit. Hey, we were at home. And it was Gary's birthday so she wore a top with fish on it. Doesn't her face look better without the measles rash all over it?! We took Lydia to her MUSC High Risk Development appointment today. There were a few new things. Firstly, she had some fluoride varnish 'painted' onto her teeth. Apparently preemies are more prone to chipping their teeth and their teeth decay easily. Something about their teeth not having the same amount of time to grow in utero so it makes the teeth flimsy and fragile. So she has to have this stuff painted on every 6 months until she loses her baby teeth! Nice. Looks like we will be looking for a paediatric dentist in the next few months - I guess I should've added her to our dental plan after all! Then the dentist lady proceeded to tell us how juice and snacks are evil - OKAY WOMAN - can't you see that's WATER in the sippy cup?! And honestly, she doesn't get chocolates and cookies every other hour - we promise! So we've been told to limit sugars, sugary drinks and anything else that is anti-baby teeth. I know we have been limiting all of that already, but for some reason I had given myself a 2 year time limit! So to think about continuing this hawk-like behavior for several more years...well, it's exhausting. Oh wait, it's responsible parenting?! Well crap, we'd better get our act together and commit to the long term!

They were really pleased with the way she was walking and moving around. She was almost on track with her cognitive abilities, but I think she was just distracted and not 'performing'. They did say she was at 10 months with her verbal skills so she has been referred to a speech therapist for an evaluation, along with a hearing test. Gary and I don't think she really needs it, and the early interventionist has said she's not too worried about it either. And I think an evaluation would show that she's behind, rather than having something wrong where she can't actually speak. The developmental paediatrician said it was best to catch it and help her with it rather than have her fall further behind. The everyday living of it is rather frustrating. And I know that her development in these first few years will affect her entire life, so I am focused on that. When I think we're done with loads of appointments, more of them get scheduled.
Lydia hasn't been using words to identify anything. She can, however, imitate almost anything these days. If I say yes, she'll walk around going, 'yeah yeah yeah'. If we say Hi, she'll say 'Haaaaaiiiiiiiiiii'. And just today Averie said, 'quack quack quack' to which Lydia responded, 'kwa kwa kaaaa'!! So funny!

We've been at the hospital a lot this weekend. Our appointment today, visiting Averie since Friday as she's been sick... We also saw one of my coworkers who has a baby in the NICU right now, and met a couple with a preemie baby in the NICU. Something is drawing us back to that place. And every time we leave, we look at Lydia and go, 'Hahaha we're taking you WITH US!' I feel like I'm escaping! That place does wondrous work. Just look at that cute little girl in the photos - she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the miraculous work that goes on at MUSC. Now if the billing department could just get their act together - like stop adding costs that I don't owe to a bill that's 17 months old you CLOWNS - they would be close to perfect.

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de said...

She is such a sweetheart! Wow, I really had no idea how much more you have to do with a preemie... I wonder if people in general know. I always thought it was a big deal in the beginning, but had no idea how critical it is to their development for their lives! You guys are doing a great job! Lydia is lucky to have you as parents!