Monday, May 3, 2010

Strawberry Fields

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We had a sweet weekend.  Ambrose Family Farms was selling organic strawberries for $2 a lb!  We drove out to Wadmalaw Island to spend the day picking some strawberries.  We ended up getting 20lbs!  Some we cut up for dessert that evening, some we juiced with grapes and then froze into ice lolly molds.  The rest were cleaned and capped, then frozen.  We had a great time and Lydia thoroughly enjoyed herself. 
Lydia ended up digging around in the dirt and getting quite messy.  She wasn't helping us with picking the strawberries, but she did help with quality control.  She would take a strawberry out of the bucket, take a bite, then put it back!
Can you tell by the photo above that, instead of strawberries and cream, she was eating strawberries and dirt?!  I had to wash her mouth and hands off several times!  Ah well, Gary says a real little girl is supposed to get dirty.
Here we are in the strawberry field, looking thoroughly in need of baths.  I didn't get it all over my face, but I did have dirt all over my hands and legs!  Here are the strawberries after we'd cleaned them - yum yum!
We're also looking forward to when peaches are in season, as well as tomatoes!
Lydia hasn't started doing much pretend play yet.  Matter of fact, we were sitting at this table and I was having a tea party.  On my own.  Lydia looked at me like I was crazy.  Why, Mummy, are you pouring pretend tea into these cups, and pretend drinking the pretend tea?  I started wondering the same thing after a few minutes. 
Here's little Minoo with her belly sticking out.  She turned 18 months old yesterday.  She like to be chased, she loves playing with the dogs and she loves books.  We're excited to see what the next few months bring!

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MommyBlogger said...

We love Ambrose Family Farm. It is great to see that you guys do also. We are members of their C.S.A. and love getting the weekly produce. I cannot wait for Hayden to be old enough to play in the dirt.