Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ten Years

We're back from our trip home!  Goodbye nice weather, hello crazy, stifling heat!  Gary and I have been getting back into the swing of things; back to work, back to house chores, back to our life in SC.  This weekend was full of work - Gary mowed and edged the lawn whilst I weeded.  Then we cleaned house.  It was tiring, but at least we got it done.  I'm still looking for a Jetson's robot maid, but I'm not holding my breath.
We took a trip to Edinburgh whist we were over there.  Gary couldn't resist getting his photo taken with this Scot. 

Gary and I have been married 10 years this month.  It's quite bizarre to think that it's been a decade already!  Wonder where the next 10 years will take us?  I don't know, but I'm pretty certain we'll be taking it on together.
Lydia loved seeing some old, but mainly new faces in England.  Of course, she was spoilt, adored and loved.  Today, she saw a photo of my Mum and said, 'Por Por'!!  Recognition!  It made me happy to see that she remembered. 

I'm planning on making a book with photos of family so that she can keep seeing them and remembering what to call them.  She already points at one of our family pics and says, 'Daddy' and FINALLY 'Mummy' as well as 'Gwampa' for Grandpa (Gary's Dad) and we're almost certain she's saying 'Gwamma' for Grandma, but not quite sure she's got it quite yet.  She did point at Annie when I said, 'Yee Ma' so maybe the next step will be pointing at it and she actually names the people herself.  We hope so.

Lydia got to meet a lot of my friends.  Marie took us to Head Over Heels - it was like an indoor jungle gym for kids.  One side was for toddlers, the other for older children.  Lydia loved the ball pit.  She didn't quite know how to act at first, but after a while, she loved it.  There was a part in the middle where air shoots up and the ball float in mid-air.  Here's what happens when Lydia stands on top of it.
A mini troll!  Bern was great - she crawled up and down the jungle gym with Lydia, helping her climb when she wasn't tall enough, or didn't know how to balance.  They climbed all over the thing. There were ladders, and tunnels, and balancing beams... so much fun!

Alright, will post more photos soon. 

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de said...

Sounds like you had SOOOOO much fun! Love the pics! Welcome back! And yes lets get together soon!