Thursday, September 16, 2010


So I'm not sure if you've ever felt like crawling into a tub of laundry, but if you ever do, you might have as much fun as Lydia did.  You'll be happy to hear that she was in a pile of clean laundry, although I'm fairly certain that means she got my clean sheets dirty, what with her being a stinky toddler.  She actually spent a good 20 minutes sitting in this tub, lying in the tub, pretending to sleep in the tub.  Amazing how content children are with the simplest of things. 
We became members of the SC Aquarium the other week.  It gives us unlimited entry to the aquarium for a year.  We managed to take advantage of that fairly quickly as Dora the Explorer was at the aquarium.  Yes, we stood in the queue and joined other toddler-obsessed parents so that Lydia could meet her friend, Dora.  She wasn't scared at all, beamed a smile when she walked up to her, and proceeded to check out Dora's shorts and hold onto her hand.  Cute, huh?  All that waiting to see Dora for just a brief few seconds!  But totally worth it to see her grin!

Wannamaker Park has got a cute play area called the Tot Lot.  We took Lydia this past weekend and she had a lot of fun on the climbing frame.  To begin with, she spent a lot of time inspecting the gravel and trying to eat it.  Once I'd convinced her it wasn't edible (although I caught her a few times trying to test my knowledge of that) she was having a lot of fun. 
And she totally loved the swing.  Who wouldn't?  Especially when you have a Daddy who can push you HIGH in the air! 

Lydia has gotten some sort of lurgy sickness from daycare.  She has already had 2 colds in the past few weeks and was just getting over one.  Then she went to daycare this week and came back with an even snottier nose and a cough.  Ack I hate the coughs.  She's only had one other one and, frankly, they scare me!  Cough attacking my preemie's lungs - BE GONE!!  Lydia actually seems to be almost her normal self, despite not being able to breathe through her nose, and hacking up a lung every now and again.  She hasn't run a fever and she's not lethargic.  We've been running the humidifier for the past couple of nights and I think that helps.  So we're hoping it will get better from here and not worse.  She did wake up at 6:30am the other morning but if that's all we have to deal with, we're lucky. 

Alright, time to go to bed!


Sadia said...

My girls love Dora, but I suspect they'd be terrified of the life-sized thing! Coughs terrify me, too, but I was amazed to see my girls get the nasal flu shot this afternoon - they're not considered kids with respiratory issues any more!

de said...

I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondering when your next post would be! :-) She is such a sweetheart!

Gillion said...

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