Monday, September 27, 2010

Bye Feet

If I could bottle up these past few weeks, I would.  I wouldn't mind freezing time right here.  Gary,Lydia and I have been having a lot of fun.  It's so exciting to see her grow and learn every day, but so bitter sweet because I know it won't last too long.  

Lydia's almost stringing 2 words together!  Tonight she kept saying, 'Bye Feet!' and putting them under the covers.  Then she'd take them out, just so she could put them under the covers again to say, 'Bye Feet!' again.  She's been adding a few new words here and there.  She is seeing moon shapes everywhere, even ones that we don't notice at first!  She also tells us, 'change' when she wants her nappy changed.  She's getting closer to potty training all the time!

Lydia and I went to Wannamaker Park again last weekend.  She loves the swing!
We went to the aquarium for Toddler Time on Saturday morning.  We had to get there for 8 in the morning so we woke up early to get there in time.  Lydia had a fun time and Gary got some extra time to look at the exhibits :)

It was the Moon Festival this past week.  If you read the news, you'll know it was a Super Harvest Moon this year!  Well, we waited until Saturday to walk around the block in the moonlight and we didn't even see the moon until we were almost done walking!  Here's Lydia walking in her pyjamas before bed!  Averie, Monty and Lydia all had hand-made lanterns for their walk.  We went to the park to the Charleston Chinese Association moon festival picnic - it was a bit of a let-down but I did get a box of 'free' moon cakes.  I'm thinking next year I'll have my own new year and moon festival parties!

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de said...

How sweet! I wish I had known about the moon festival, that sounds like fun! She gets cuter with every post!