Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bern II

My favourite season over here is Autumn.  I love that the sun is shining, yet the temperature is cool enough to sleep with the windows open.  Usually my allergies disappear with the heat too, although I've noticed that they're still around this year. 

I haven't had the chance to update the blog in the past couple of weeks as I've been busy at work and had a couple of busy weekends.  Gary, Lydia and I had a great weekend visit with Connie.  If you don't know who Connie is, she's a friend from uni that I used to hang out with.  We went everywhere together, had lectures together, went out on the town together.  Spending the weekend with her reminded me of why we were good friends back at uni.  Connie always says she's not patient or selfless enough to have kids.  She actually was great with Lydia, as well as Monty who came into town to do some sightseeing. 

Lydia's teething.  It seems as if her 8 teeth are being joined by another 8 all at the same time.  She's in constant pain, often opens her mouth to say, 'aaaahhhh' and is waking a couple of times a night.  She slept through the night for a few nights, but is back to crying a bit tonight.  Gary's the new night guard; I go into her room, she wants me to pick her up and won't let me put her down.  Gary goes into her room, she sleeps in the crib, all relaxed.  I'm guessing I've conditioned her to think I'll pick her up when I go in there!

I hope I don't forget this time in Lydia's life.  She's picking up new words all the time.  Today I heard her say, 'e-phant' and 'bunket' for blanket.  She is starting to put 2 words together, such as, 'bye ball!'  We made pizza one night for dinner, and now she's obsessed.  The other night, when we were at Gary's parents house, we had pizza and she was going, 'pitha, pitha, pitha!'  For some reason she's also decided she can't say, 'Gwampa' anymore and has been calling Grandpa, 'ming-a' instead!  It took all night for us to figure out what on earth she was referring to! 

Also, her new night-time routine has changed.  She drinks her milk and says, 'meeee-MA' for Yee Ma Annie or 'Por por' for my Mum so that I'll pull up photos of them on the ipod.  Then, inevitably, she'll go 'deee chung chung' to watch the youtube video of my Mum reciting the Chinese nursery rhyme.  She thinks it's so funny!

Soooo, who does this remind you of?  If you said Linus, you'd be close.  If you said Bern, then you may know of Bern's obsession with my Mum's nightgowns, or The Bag Strap.  Lydia's not attached to any particular piece of clothing or texture.  She just picks up any clothing, anywhere, and walks around with it.  If I pick her up, she'll put her hand down my top or up my sleeve just so that she can rub it with her other hand, or on her lips. 

It's cute.  I think because she reminds me of Bern when she was younger.  

Over and out.  I'll try not to leave it so long next time.

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